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Blackball in the Valley

October 13 | 1:00 pm

     As the major league baseball playoffs and World Series unfold, we’ll take a look at our amazing baseball history in the Springs Valley with author Kim Agan on October 13th.

     Agan’s research for his upcoming book “Ninety Feet from Home” has uncovered all kinds of fascinating stories from the rosters of the French Lick Plutos and the West Baden Sprudels.  The all black teams were sponsored by our two hotels.  Many of the players worked as waiters or in other support capacities.

     Says Agan, “America was in love with the game of baseball in 1909; it was also an important part of the entertainment offered to the guests of the Valley’s resorts. Afternoons not spent playing the horses in the casino poolrooms or on the hotels’ golf courses, could be spent at the hotel ballparks, watching the Sprudels and Plutos go head-to-head. Both teams also hosted the best of the Midwest’s black or white semi-pro teams, as well as an occasional Major League squad.

     Two local black players are in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  At least 30 others went on to play in the Negro National League and the Eastern Colored League.

     Kim Agan will be presenting Blackball in the Valley at the French Lick West Baden Museum on Sunday October 13th at 1 PM.  The event is free and open to members and the public.  Donations will be welcomed.

     “We’d like to do more of these kinds of programs for our members and the public if the support is there,” says museum president Steve Rondinaro.  “There is so much rich history here to be explored.”

     For more information, contact the museum at 812-936-3592 or visit the website at:  www.flwbmuseum.com


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