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Wilstem Grizzly Encounters opening October 20th!




September 27, 2018-French Lick, Indiana

PO Box 88
French Lick, IN 47432

September 27, 2018 French Lick, Indiana –You may have heard that Wilstem is getting some new family members!  We were happy to announce that Jeff “the bear man” Watson, and his famous grizzly bears Bob and Screech will be opening at Wilstem on October 20th!  Jeff, Bob, and Screech have been featured on a 6-part documentary on Animal Planet called Project Grizzly as well as Discovery Channel’s Porter Ridge.

Jeff has been looking for a long term location for he and his bears for a while.  When driving through Southern Indiana, he saw a Wilstem billboard.  After much research and face to face interaction, Jeff knew that Wilstem was the perfect spot to share his love for his bears and educate people on bear safety. 

Wilstem will be featuring two different types of Grizzly Encounters, the VIP Grizzly Encounter and the Grizzly Educational Encounter.  The most exclusive offer is the VIP Grizzly Encounter which is an intimate experience of a maximum of 10 people.  You will get one on one time with Jeff “the bear man”, help prepare Bob and Screech’s breakfast, view the bear reveal when leaving their den in the morning, and get one of a kind photos.  The Grizzly Educational Encounter is an opportunity to learn more about these amazing animals and get educated on how to stay safe in bear country.  You will get to ask questions, and get some great photos!

Encounters start October 20th and are available to be booked online at www.wilstem.com or can be reserved via phone at 812-936-4484.  We can’t wait to share these beautiful animals with the public!

Audrey Brames
Wilstem Communications