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No one told the trees!


Posted on Mon, 30 Nov -0001 by visitfrenchlickwestbaden

I admit that I was worried this year.  As the summer came to a close, it seemed that everyone was talking about how the drought and hot weather would affect the changing of the leaves.  More than one negative nelly predicted no color for the fall.  They said the leaves would just turn brown and fall off.  I was bummed.  Fall is such a beautiful time in Southern Indiana.  Throughout the spring and summer, we are surrounded by rolling hills that are decorated with nearly every imaginable tree species that are tipped in a million shades of green.  Then little by little, so slowly it almost hurts, those green leaves explode into brilliant reds & golds.  The hills come alive with color, making even the most mundane drive to work or to the grocery store an exploration of beauty.  Every year I pick out one or two trees and I watch them change color daily, until one day a long, cold, windy rain comes along and the tree is bare.  According to the experts, I was going to have to skip my fall routine this year.  But...no one told the trees they shouldn't put on a show this year! It is happening, the colors have started their slow march and the air is crisp and cool.  My sweaters have been rescued from the plastic containers they call home all summer and my boots are neatly lined up and ready to stylishly keep my feet warm.  Ok, so not so neatly, but they are at the ready. So now that I am all decked out in my sweater and boots, where to go? Last Saturday started with the Orange County HomeGrown farmer's market.  I wasn't sure what to expect, it is the nature of a farmer's market to change every week, but after the excessive heat this summer I did not expect much produce...wrong.  Once again the drought did not win and our resourceful Orange County farmers prevailed.  One shared the secret with me, a third planting took advantage of the August & S summer rains....but did require the purchase of tarps to protect it from the early frost.  The weather is catching them coming and going this year.  I purchased 2 lbs of the most beautiful green beans of the year.  There were some new additions to the market, too.  Orleans' Congress Square was full of pumpkins