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Cutting Edge: Block Bash in French Lick West Baden


Posted on 8/24/2018 by Visit French Lick West Baden

Every fall some of the best wood carvers in the country descend on French Lick for the annual Block Bash (3rd weekend in September), held by Bear Hollow Wood Carvers. During the 9th Annual Block Bash you can witness cutting edge art at its finest along with live entertainment, wine and beer gardens, a car show, an artisan marketplace and much, much more!




Owners (Bear Hollow Wood Carvers) Cindy and Jason Emmons moved their retail store from Saint Croix to French Lick in 2010 and felt at home in the area right away. Block Bash came about from the Fall Fest that Cindi and Jason held in Saint Croix, they wanted to involve their new community and neighboring businesses, so the annual event was born. “We are fortunate to get to participate in some amazing events across the United States every year, but can’t think of a better location to hold the Block Bash”, says Cindy.




Jason Emmons originally worked in the logging/sawmill industry after college, He witnessed his first carver at an industry show in Bowling Green, Kentucky and thought, “I can do that!” He purchased a how to book online, and after a couple of months met another carver in Louisville, Kentucky. The carver was Mark Colp from California, Mark convinced Jason to go to a carving competition in Illinois, “Jason was bitten by the carving bug then, that was in 2002, he hasn’t stopped carving since”, says Cindy.




When asked what his favorite carving was, Jason replied, “It is always difficult to pick a favorite as you fall in love with all during the process but one that stands out is a piece carved for Mike Linnig’s Restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a 25’ tall red oak tree located in their outdoor dining area. The onsite carving is patriotic themed. A large wings up eagle is at the top of the carving with a banner in his talons. The banner starts at the top wrapping around a Revolutionary Soldier with the words, ‘Don’t tread on me’, in the banner and continues all throughout the tree wrapping around symbols of war and patriotism. It ends with the twin towers representing 9/11. The carving also includes Mr. Linnig in his WWII uniform saluting the flag that waves in front of their business today. While carving veterans stopped by to share their stories. The stories included personal experiences as well as those of their family and friends. The carving and experience as a whole were very heartfelt and emotional. Those are the ones that stick with you!”


Stop by #MyFrenchLick this September to see this exciting event and to see what else we have to offer in the destination!