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Holiday Traditions


Posted on 11/22/2019 by Visit French Lick West Baden Jasmine

Every family has their traditions and ours is no different, but since this is our baby’s first
Christmas we are letting the holiday spirit overwhelm us! We started bringing boxes of
decorations out of storage the day after we saw the town putting up the holiday
streetlight adornments. It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet but our tree is up and decorated
and our holiday décor is slowing making its way around the house, too! We can’t help it,
we are so excited to celebrate our baby’s first Christmas! We are even starting traditions
we plan to keep year after year.
My sister is an elf working on the Polar Express Train Ride, so my husband, baby girl, and I were able to attend the dress rehearsal with my mother and father. We had so much fun and Austyn loved the train ride with sparkling lights, dancing elves, and hearing the Polar Express story being read by the conductor. Tommy and I already can’t wait to take her when she’s older because it will be even more enjoyable for her. We plan to make this one of our
holiday traditions because it’s fun for her and us, too!

We also attended the tree lighting at the West Baden Springs Hotel, which happens
annually on the third weekend in November, with my parents and sister. We have been
before, but this year was Austyn’s first! As soon as we walked in the lobby, we hopped in
line to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus in the library. Since she’s only 4 months old, my
husband held her instead of passing her over, BUT we got the cutest picture! Next year,
she will be older and will be able to climb up into Santa’s lap. I can’t wait to collect
pictures of her with Santa at the tree lighting over the years to see how she grows. After
meeting the Clauses, we made our way to the atrium to take a seat for the big event.

We were surprised to learn that there was going to be an animated light show before the tree
was lit…how neat! The lights dimmed and our focus was on Austyn while she watched
the show dance upon the atrium wall. She was squealing and giggling with delight, she
loved it! When the countdown started for the tree to be lit, she was quiet but seemed as
if she was anticipating what was about to happen. The tree lights flickered on and she
was in awe! Her mouth was agape and a small giggle escaped as her hands flew up in
excitement. It was the cutest thing ever! I think our girl is going to love these new
holiday traditions.

This coming weekend is the tree lighting at the French Lick Springs Hotel, which takes
place annually on the last weekend in November, and we are so excited to attend with
my parents, sister, grandparents, cousins, and aunt and uncle! We love sharing these
hometown holiday traditions with the whole family and are so happy that our little girl
seems to enjoy them, too.