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Let the Games Begin!


Posted on 4/8/2020 by Visit French Lick West Baden

Most of us are home now waiting out Covid-19. Thankfully most businesses have voluntarily decided to put their customers and employee’s health first (there’s still options to get what you need online). While we’re home, let’s decide to look at the bright side, we have more time for family. I’m going to tell you how my family is passing the time while we’re in quarantine.


Sidewalk Chalk - We have a small concrete patio at home that has been the epicenter of art for my kids. They are enjoying making sidewalk chalk art. My patio is covered in chalk unicorns, hearts, puppy paws, smiley faces, and more. They’ve particularly enjoyed tracing each other and making silly faces on each drawing.


Four Square – You can use sidewalk chalk to create your squares. It’s an oldie but still so much fun! The kids really enjoyed this one, we’ve played it several days in a row for “recess” during our breaks from E-learning.


Badminton – so for badminton at our house, we’ve tweaked the game a little. We don’t have a net (we’re using our imagination). We also don’t keep score but I’ve included the link if you’d like to learn to play it the proper way. This is a great way to keep the kids and yourself active while on hiatus.


Corn Hole – This is a backyard BBQ favorite every summer. I’ll admit, I’m not the greatest corn hole partner. In fact, if you’re on my team we’ll probably lose. But, it’s such a fun game to play and you can do it at home by yourself or with others in your household.


Kite Flying – This was one of my favorite childhood activities and of course, my kids love it too! If you can’t find a great place to do it at your home, the state parks here in Indiana are still open, just remember to “keep your distance”. While you're there you may as well take a hike, there's tons of great trails throughout Indiana's State Parks.


Scavenger Hunt – They are so easy to make and so much fun! You can change up scavenger hunts everyday and do a different one. Here are some of the ones my kids have enjoyed.

Outdoors Scavenger Hunt – Find 1 pine cone, 1 leaf, 1 rock, 1 stick, 1 flower, etc…

Letter Scavenger Hunt –Find things that only start with 1 letter of the alphabet

Color Scavenger Hunt –Find items that are only a certain color

Indoor Scavenger Hunt – Find the matches to the socks! (great way to match up socks)

We also have a great online scavenger hunt available.


Painting – My kids love to paint! Sometimes we paint inside and other times they like to take their paints and paper out to the patio to create their masterpieces. We typically use watercolor, which are so easy to make at home!




We know times are more stressful, but we can still try to enjoy the little things. So, grab your chalk and your paints and create a masterpiece, be sure to tag us in all of your pics with #myfrenchlick. Remember, we’re all #INthistogether.